Mimesis Labs is a digital products incubator, empowering decision makers with next generation data insight tools.

Our first product is a planning legislation assistant called Mylot.

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Transform data into knowledge

We build tools that support critical decision-making, communications, and collaboration in government and enterprise using advanced data modelling, artificial intelligence, and 3D geospatial visualisation.


the challenge


All leaders work in a context of uncertainty. We can't know what the future holds, so to combat this basic uncertainty, we have become reliant on high-quality data to help. Data that is static, outdated, cumbersome, and disconnected creates a "cognitive ceiling" that blocks strategic big picture thinking.

our vision


Our tools automate drudge-work and present information in simple frameworks that help translate your critical questions into productive decisions.


We are set-up to help you transform data into knowledge.

Innovative Data Sets

Our team includes some of the world's best minds in the fields of socio-demographics and data science. For each application, we integrate data from many siloed sources - live and historical - and atomise them into highly granular geographical regions. This lets us to overlay localised data trends with demography, market data and many others to build up the bigger picture of a suburb, state, or country.

Predictive Modelling

Data is brought to life with our best-in-class models for human behaviour, markets, urban environments and epidemiology - to name a few. We bring together our in-house expertise with AI and peer reviewed models, all visible and adjustable on the fly.

Visualising Complexity

We create "at-a-glance" visualisations that enable big picture thinking and bring the key elements of the problem into alignment. Building on years working in the industries that pioneered 3D modelling - aerospace, automotive, and entertainment - we developed the capability to layer these visualisations so decision-makers can zoom up to the big picture and zoom down into details.

Collaborative Decision Making

We always begin with the critical questions, and our team of experienced strategists and facilitators work with you to build a virtual and real ‘decision theatre’ that enables collaborative decision making. Our technology exists to enable and support the collaborative decision-making process, not replace it.


Leaders in technology, big data, and innovation.  

DR Tony Golsby-Smith

Chairman / Chief Strategist

Dr Tony Golsby-Smith a leader in Design thinking, strategy and innovation. Tony was the chair of design at Carnegie Mellon University and the founder of Second Road, a consulting firm that pioneered Design thinking as applied to strategic level problems.

David McCloskey

CEO / Chief Data Scientist

David is a leading figure in Social Demographics, Big data and Advanced Analytics. David has led the development of combining IOT with social data to create ground breaking digital measures for ‘smart cities’ in fields like ‘vibrancy’ and ‘educational equity

Andrew Kerekes

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew has lead data driven solution delivery for companies internationally ranging from start-ups through to Fortune 500 enterprises for more than two decades. Andrew ‘s data science, user centric design experience, and full stack and software engineering focus brings modern technologies together in flexible enterprise grade solutions

Alex Cheek

Chief Designer

Alex is an experienced practitioner and coach of human-centred design. He started his career as a consultant at the strategy firm Second Road and went on to build and lead design teams in the financial services and technology sectors.

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